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PKB 16/21


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N:0.0 | P:16.0 | K:21.0 | B:0.5

PKB 16/21

Professional fertiliser PK flowering additive with the completely unique PK ratio of 16/21 and added Boron

The proactive PKB Methodology...

PKB will enhance photosynthesis, ensure water regulation and have a significant effect during the blooming stage when plants need PKB the most.

ProActive PKB 16/21 is complemented with Boron in a selected and pure form to ensure maximum efficiency. Boron can play an important role and help to increase yields and improve crop quality, by improving the transportation of sugars within the plant. Boron also plays an important role in healthy cell division and cell wall strength, leading to an overall stronger, healthier plant.


0.5ml to 2ml per litre - see feed charts
1 Ltr makes from 500 Ltr to 2000 Ltr
250ml makes from 125 Ltr to 500 Ltr




N - 0.0% | P - 16.0% | K - 21.0% | BORON 0.5%

Storage Conditions

Keep away from frost