Self-Defence from Proactive Nutrients is our professional grade plant defence nutrient with a worldwide patented enzyme extraction and concentration method. Self-Defence acts as a vaccine, putting your plants on high alert against disease and vastly contributing to the meristematic activity within your plants. ProActive Self Defence will improve yields and quality through the unique effect of our choice of enzymes - penetrating the plant through the root system.

The main benefits of using Self-Defence include higher production of peroxidase, improving the overall crop quality, the thickening of the cell walls, increasing leaf density and supports preventative action against spore germination on leaf surfaces.

Self-Defence will help combat common plant ailments in hydroponic plant production, and can be used from adolescence to adulthood in the plant's life cycle. Use Self-Defence as part of the Proactive professional hydroponic nutrient range, or with your regular plant nutrition program.