Nano Power Powder


Proactive professional hydroponic nutrients introduce Nano Power Powder, a new and completely unique calmag additive. Nano Power Powder is a product of a patented manufacturing process which produces nanoparticles of calcite.

The synthesis of nanoparticles has become the matter of great interest in recent times due to their various advantageous properties and applications in commercial plant production. In Nano Power Powder, the nanoparticles of calcite catalyse the plants meristematic activity, supporting plant organ health, and increasing growth and overall flower production.

Nano Power Powder is the first nutritional supplement to have a clear effect on CO2 content within the leaves, vastly improving photosynthesis performance. Nano Power Powder also contains silica for added protection against environmental stresses including fungi and pests.

Use Nano Power Powder from weeks 7 to 9 of the flowering period to help support the plants need for more calcium and magnesium. Nano Power Powder can be used as part of the Proactive professional hydroponic nutrient range or with your regular plant nutrition program.