pH Water Conditioner


ProActive's commercial grade pH Water Conditioner contains two sequestering agents that will neutralize the cations of hard waters and reduce their impact on your plants. Hard water cations can lock out and prevent the uptake of nutritional elements from your reservoir while disabling active ingredients. Use Proactive pH Water Conditioner to reduce the negative effects of hard water and stop the degradation of active ingredients in your reservoir or foliar applicator.

ProActive pH Water Conditioner balances water used in the nutrient reservoir while acidifying and buffering its pH value, greatly limiting the effects of alkaline hydrolysis.

By using pH water conditioner, growers will find a reduction in discolouration of their leaves caused by nutrient deficiencies, and an overall increase in plant health.

ProActive's professional pH water conditioner contains a nutrient stabiliser and a moisturiser with wetting agent effect, which significantly reduces reservoir foaming. Start every reservoir with Proactive professional pH Water Conditioner for a consistent nutrient solution every time.