About Jeff & Proactive

An Introduction To The proactive Range Of Nutrients

Brand New And Good For You!

You may have heard industry whispers and rumours of a new unique range of hydroponic nutrients from myself, Jeff Winterborne: author of two bestselling hydroponics books and inventor of the Multi Pod - the first and original bucket flood and drain system... probably the most copied hydroponics system on the planet!  After decades of research within the commercial sector coupled with copious amounts of trials with some of my best and most experienced customers who witnessed outrageous results, huge benefits and giant yields, I am more than happy and very confident in announcing these nutrients are now readily available for general distribution and sale.

The proactive range contains some truly unique products, and the foliar feeding heavy schedule has proven to produce some remarkable yielding, robust species, that were disease and pest free. I am sure you are going to love it.

For years I have often wondered what commercial and industrial gardens used to grow their crops, on the very large scale they do with minimal disease, maximum yields and rarely any hiccups. If you think about that seriously, it’s quite astonishing. Facilities exist that are so vast you could barely see from one end to the other, yet everything is in perfect health, safe for human consumption, disease free and yielding the best results imaginable. How do they do it so well on such a huge scale, hydroponically and with no problems?

Well after years of contemplation, debate and research, I finally managed to track down a nutrient supplier for some of the largest commercial gardens across Europe, who at first reluctantly allowed me to trial their product range. After spending years building this relationship I am now ready to share proactive nutrients and my knowledge with all of you!

You can ditch all of these endless ranges with 10 or 12 or more products. The proactive schedule consists of only 6 highly concentrated products which contain everything including pest and fungal treatments built in, plus is suited for all growers… small and large scale, hard or soft water, connoisseur or commercial.

I am very excited about this range of products; it is truly unique, concentrated, industrial, premium, my punters love it, and know this industry will do too!

If you want to grow like a pro this range will show you how!

Jeffrey Winterborne