All-in-One Nutrient


Introducing the All-in-One professional base nutrient from proactive, a combined nutrient for both growth AND bloom. Our unique blend of balanced trace elements are in chelated form, increasing absorption, whilst activating the metabolism of each and every plant cell, vastly improving photosynthesis, assimilability and circulation within the plant. 

All-in-One professional nutrient contains a specific blend of amino acids and bio-nutritional activators of selected breeds, further boosting the plant's metabolism and response to natural attacks.

Use All-in-One nutrient all the way through the growth and bloom cycle, from weeks one to nine. No matter what growing media, no separate Part A and Part B or Grow and Bloom is required. All-in-One is the professional one part solution designed for commercial horticulture, and can be used with all growing mediums and along side other products in your usual plant nutrient program.