PKB 16/21


PKB from Proactive Nutrients is our professional grade PK Booster and the UK's first 16/21 ratio PK additive with additional Boron. PKB will enhance photosynthesis, ensure water regulation and promote explosive, fatter, fuller fruit and flowers when plants need PKB the most. The selected ratio of 16/21 is formulated to respond to the overall requirements of the plant during the transition phase, the ripening phase and right through to the end of bloom phase.

The added boron in this unique formulation can play an important role in helping to increase yields and improve crop quality, by improving the transportation of sugars within the plant. Boron also plays an important role in healthy cell division and cell wall strength, leading to an overall stronger, healthier plant.

Extra concentrated PKB has been developed using 100% soluble potassium and is proven to have no phytotoxicity and formulated to prevent blockages at recommended dosage. Use PKB during the third to last week of flowering in place of ProActive All-in-one. PKB can be used as part of the Proactive professional hydroponic nutrient range, or with your regular plant nutrition program.