Boost & Fungicide Effect


Proactive's Boost & Fungicide Effect is a commercial grade quality and yield improver, containing nitrogen and high concentrations of sulphur. These essential constituents of proteins have an enzymatic role, which enhances photosynthesis and result in a significant reduction in powdery mildew.

Boost & Fungicide Effect has a Lignosulfonate base, which is a relatively new compound used in modern organic plant nutrients. Lignosulfonates have natural chelating properties and a capacity to form stable and soluble complexes with metallic ions. As well as a growth and bloom booster, Boost & Fungicide Effect has multiple functions. It acts as a wetting agent, improves adhesion, and has a softening effect which helps prevent crystallization.

Use Boost and Fungicide Effect in the last week of vegetative growth, to the second to last week of bloom. For best results, use in your reservoir AND as a foliar spray. Boost and Fungicide effect can be used with all growing mediums, and along side other products in the Proactive professional hydroponic nutrient range or as part of your regular plant nutrient program.