Root Stimulator


Root Stimulator from Proactive Nutrients is a commercial grade growth additive and is the only plant nutrient containing the ACRECIACTIV molecule. The ACRECIACTIV molecule is a balanced composition of Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, amino and humic acids. This unique combination of essential elements and purified compounds help improve plant vigor, while limiting stressors such as drought, salinity, frost and other environmental factors which can cause vulnerabilities within the plants root system.

The synergistic combination in ProActive Root Stimulator, with pure L-amino acids and pure humic acids will encourage the root development of plants from early stages, and optimise their natural ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients.

Use Proactive's Root Stimulator from weeks 1 to 3 of the plant's growth cycle to help support a healthy root system and accelerate the production of a healthy, efficient root system. Suitable for use a with the Proactive professional hydroponic nutrient range or a part of your regular nutrient program.