1 litre - Full proactive Suite


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Buy the full suite of proactive Nutrients in 1 Litre bottles (excluding Nano Power Powder)

All-In-One Nutrient - more info

Makes from 333 Ltr to 2000 Ltr

Boost & Fungicide Effect - more info

Makes from 1000 Ltr to 4000 Ltr

Root Stimulator - more info

Makes from 1000 Ltr to 4000 Ltr

Self Defence - more info

Makes from 4,000 Ltr to 16,000 Ltr

pH Water Conditioner - more info

Makes 1,000 Ltr to 10,000 Ltr

Nano Power Powder - more info

Usage - See feed chart

Download Jeff Winterborne's proactive pdf brochure here

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