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All-In-One Nutrient


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N:8.9 | P:2.7 | K:7.2

Grow & Bloom A&B in one easy to use complete liquid formula

The proactive All-In-One Nutrient Methodology...

Supplies a unique combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements essential to the progress of your crop. Proactive’s unique balance in trace elements mimic plant sap and are largely under a chelated form - increasing their level of absorption, assimilability and circulation within the plant.

Proactive All-In-One Nutrient activates the metabolism of each and every plant cell. This action improves photosynthesis and the plant’s capacity for drawing mineral elements up through the root system - allowing for better nutrient absorption and transfer.

This N-P-K fertilizer solution (8.9-2.7-7.2), with balanced trace-elements, also contains specific amino acids and bio-nutritional activators of selected breeds. Amino acids are the base building blocks of proteins. Plants need a lot of energy to produce them, and they are the first carbon source available for plants. In case of stress or low growth, an amino acid application will boost the plant’s metabolism. Amino acids stimulate growing and development and are always made available to the rooting system with proactive All-In-One Nutrient. This singular combination with bio-activators enables the optimization of your plant‘s response to natural attacks, creating an elicitor effect.

Download Jeff Winterborne's proactive pdf brochure here


0.5ml to 3ml per litre - see feed charts
1 Ltr makes from 333 Ltr to 2000 Ltr
250ml makes from 83 Ltr to 500 Ltr


Reservoir and Foliar


N - 8.9% | P2O5 - 2.7% | K2O - 7.2% | MgO - 0.11% | SO3 - 0.11% | B - 420 ppm | Cu - 120 ppm | Fe - 210 ppm | Mn - 420 ppm | Mo - 40 ppm | Zn - 340 ppm

Storage Conditions

Min. 0 °C / max. +35 °C